Smells Like a Gimmick

Perfumed magazine inserts designed to sell scent are so 20th century. Dolce & Gabbana will be pushing their latest fragrance using a video ad embedded in a few thousand copies of Marie Claire UK’s October issue.

This Hollywood hocus pocus is made possible through the use of Americhip’s “Video-in-Print” system, which first reared its head with a CBS/Pepsi ad in Entertainment Weekly back in September 2009.

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The new video (with sound), which depicts the de rigueur models frolicking in a 45-second, blue-toned scene, is played on a surface about the size of an iPhone — twice the size of the matchbook-size screen from three years ago.

It may be telling that every mention of the forthcoming ad has rightly oohed and ahhed over the potential of inserting video into traditional print publications, but has failed to mention the name of the product being advertised.


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