Rubber Stamp…Your Face

rubber_stampFor all the tension between 21st century digital technology and the time-honored craft of ink and paper, occasionally you get an interesting marriage of the two. Take the precision of the new and the tradition of the old and voila: a rubber stamp…of your face. Or as the business is called: Stamp Yo Face. (Hey, we don’t name these things.)

As far as branding goes, we can’t think of a more arresting device than seeing a rubber stamp of the person extending their services to us in a direct-mail piece. What are the chances of your eye missing such an addition to an envelope?

Considering the digital cutting that must be involved, the price seems fairly reasonable at $65. (Or two faces on one stamp for $100.)

Pardon us, won’t you, while we go and powder our noses…or stamp our faces 😉





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