A Poetic Vision on Eco Publishing

Poets & Writers Magazine, an award-winning bimonthly published by the nonprofit organization Poets & Writers, Inc., hopes to educate and inspire creative writers, while preserving forests for generations to come.

The short video below explores how the magazine decided to use recycled paper, and how this decision influenced a comprehensive greening strategy for its organization.

In the three-minute video, Suzanne Pettypiece, managing editor of the magazine, shares how they transitioned to a body stock that contains a minimum of 90 percent recycled content with 30 percent postconsumer content, and a 10 percent postconsumer recycled cover stock that is FSC certified.

In order to grow a sustainable magazine industry, Pettypiece suggests in the video that magazine associations, such as the Association of Magazine Media, provide more support and guidance for publishers that want to go green.

She also proposes a co-op to reduce the cost of buying paper. (You can learn more about the new Better Paper Buying Club here.

Before switching to environmentally friendly paper in 2008, Pettypiece was concerned, like many publishers, about quality. However, she notes that, since switching, “We haven’t had any complaints from advertisers, photographers, or readers. It’s a beautiful product.”


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