Phantom Clocks in at Print Shop

While the more successful spirits haunt castles and swank hotels, there are apparently some working stiffs that put in a good night’s work after they die – in Kent, England, at least.

Workers at SMP Large Format have gone about their business printing banners and other large orders, all the while putting up with tools that keep popping up in places other than where they left them, and often feeling as if they’re being watched.

Things came to a head this month when managers noticed something unusual on the closed-circuit camera footage taken in the shop: an eerie orb of light that hovered around one of the firm’s printers.


“I don’t know what it was, but no one else was in the office at the time, and it was a horrible rainy day, so it couldn’t have been sunlight,” Production Manager Nick Henry told Kent Online. And workers are still putting up with equipment being moved around.

Says Henry, “One of them even got trapped after a really heavy piece of kit somehow moved to block a door – again, when no one else was around.”


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