Cool Packaging: Peggy Hsu Album

swing inc album packaging

When you would easily buy something strictly for the lovely packaging, you know you’re looking at a fantastic example of packaging design. Such is the case with the symphony of gold foil, die cut and black card stock that makes up the beautiful slipcase for Peggy Hsu’s “Swing Inc.” album designed by Taiwan’s Onion Design Associates. The rich, moody photo insert at the front not only evokes the appropriate piano-bar-like ambience Ms. Hsu aims to deliver, it also works wonderfully with the slipcase die cut to make us feel as though we’re looking at a Jazz Age oil portrait. (The gorgeous way that photo was printed alone is worth the price of admission; you’ll find an even more breathtaking one within.)

swing inc album packaging

The liner notes inside carry over the same Art Deco style, though obviously far more restrained.

swing inc album packaging

The gold metallic ink images inside work hand in hand with the rest of the “Swing Inc.” packaging to hit all the right notes, conjuring up a glamorous bygone era that can still make us swoon when reproduced so exquisitely.

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swing inc album packaging



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