A Mohawk for Every Need Unveiled

multiloftMohawk showcased its new Superfine MultiLoft and Dimensional Portfolio lines, and a new digital swatchbook, all at the eighth annual Dscoop show in Nashville.

Superfine MultiLoft Sheets come in two formats that can be printed on and built to create ultra-thick items, including business cards, greeting cards and wedding invitations. Sheets are actually about 17 pt., Superfine Eggshell 120 Cover with a print surface on the top and glue on the back. Two sheets can be laminated together, post printing, to produce a 34 pt. stock.

Superfine MultiLoft Inserts are also about 17 pt. with Superfine Eggshell 120 Cover. Two or more can be laminated together with a top or bottom printed sheet to create a thicker, sturdier item:

  • 2 Superfine sheets + and 1 insert = a 51 pt. stock
  • 2 Superfine sheets + 2 inserts = a 68 pt. stock.

The Superfine MultiLoft line will be available soon.

Mohawk’s Dimensional Portfolio range are pre-scored and perforated shapes designed to run on digital presses. Templates include a door hanger, gift box, wine bottle box and golf-ball sleeve. All of these are available in packs of 50 or 250 sheets on Mohawk Superfine Eggshell i-Tone, Color Copy Ultra Gloss and Via Linen i-Tone.


Finally, the new “Mohawk Digital Swatchbook” features all 450 SKUS worth of digital printing papers and substrates carried by Mohawk, all in a 3” x 9” screw-posted sample deck. In addition to samples, it contains complete stock charts that include the new HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press sheet sizes (28” x 20” Text and 20” x 28” Cover), as well as the new Dimensional Portfolio line. The book, designed to join those new, smaller Mohawk swatchbooks on your shelf, will be available this spring.


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