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shoelace packaging

Welcome to “Cool Packages: International Edition” as we meet the early German bird that gets the worm, pack up for an Indonesian excursion…and fawn over a Taylor Swift fragrance package that we shoe-horned in here simply because we think it’s kinda pretty. (Check out our first “Cool Packages of the Week” right here. And don’t miss Cool Designs of the Week and Cool Cards of the Week because really, we can all use just a teensy bit more cool. Cool?)

Shoelace Packaging

You wouldn’t think there would be much to selling a pair of shoelaces, but then apparently you’ve never met the fine folks at European quality shoe retailer Gortz. Calling on the “early bird gets the worm” motif, Germany’s Gurtlerbachmann came up with five colorful boxes for the sale of equally colorful shoe laces that are cute, perky, and remind us just a teensy bit of these guys.

shoelace packaging


Indonesian Travel Kit Packaging

Often blown away by the level of work produced by design students these days, we were particularly taken with this handy travel kit tailored to Braga Street in Bandung, Indonesia. Inspired in part by the area’s Art Deco architecture, students Cicha Cyntia Fatmawati and Abiyasa Adiguna Legawa stocked this pack with postcards, a print, and a book. In the side holder: “survival food” including coffee and cookies. Just think of how many different ways this could be used!

travel kit packagingtravel kit packaging

travel kit packaging


Taylor Swift Incredible Things Packaging

We wouldn’t know a Taylor Swift song if it keened softly outside our window, but we DO know an appealing use of watercolor when we see it. Interestingly, while the Bella Towse illustrations came out only moderately well on the plastic fragrance bottle itself, they positively come alive on the paper box it comes in.

fragrance packagingfragrance packaging


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