Tiny Feather

This transformable shape provides consumers a special and joyful experience while reaching for tissue.

– In-young Bae, Designer

Snuffling our way through cold season, many of us are probably perfectly primed to appreciate Tiny Feather, a tissue packaging concept that gently infuses some welcome whimsy into the whole nose maintenance routine.

Designed by In-young Bae and Shang-lung Yang for their Structural Merchandising Packaging class at the Pratt Institute in 2012, Tiny Feather not only gives the ailing some much needed companionship, it also solves one of the conundrums of the modern world: How the devil do you get at the last few sheets of facial tissue that invariably sink just out of reach?

“Since the box opens on the side, consumers won’t have to hold the box upside down or reach into the packaging for the last tissue at the bottom of the box,” In-young explains. “To pull out tissue, customers need to open the wing, and to keep the tissue clean, they can simply close the wing cap.”

In a clever marketing move, the way in which each tissue pokes out of the bird like a tail also suggests that the products themselves are as soft as a feather.

While the 5”-x-5” Tiny Feather boxes were produced on a home Epson printer using Matte Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Paper, In-young helpfully points out that the effect can easily be achieved using recyclable materials, too.

Those of you blowing your noses at home (S’OK, we’re all friends here) will be happy to know that since winning The Dieline’s 2014 First Place Student Award for this project, In-young has gone on to become a professional packaging designer at IT Cosmetics – a great (not tiny) feather in her cap.

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Project Details

Title Tiny Feather Client Pratt (School Project) Date December 2014 Design In-young Bae and Shang-Lun Yang Print Epson Home Printer Paper Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte

Production Details

Dimensions 5 x 5 x 4.75" Production Time One day Printing Method Digital Number of Colors CMYK Finishing and Binding Fold, glue

  1. Beverly Tesseneer 3 years ago

    Genius!!! This turns the tissue box into an object d’art! Where can I buy some?

    • Aaron - PaperSpecs 3 years ago

      Hi Beverly. To the best of our knowledge they were never mass produced. Still, you can contact one of the designers here: [email protected] Who knows, they might just decide to make more 🙂

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