Cool Packaging: Mysterium Wine Label

mysterium wine label

Pity the poor wine bottle that finds itself trying to compete in the dark ‘n glimmering night club scene. Surrounded by multicolored liqueurs and other spirits, a wine really needs a bit of label bling to grab those eyeballs. Design firm Spotlight decided to go the mysterious route for Romania’s Mysterium Wines by Jidvei. This gold-foil label takes as its theme the labyrinth of legend. At its center are the initials “FR + MO + SB,” hinting that at the heart of the wine itself  are Feteasca Regala, Muscat Ottonel and Sauvignon Blanc grapes.

mysterium wine label

As for the name of the wine, that only emerges from the labyrinthine label with the application of light.

mysterium wine label

And as with any good design theme, there really is a point to all of this emphasis on mystery and concealment: According to Spotlight:

“The concept of the Mysterium wines has originated in the secret of their making. Blended from up to three hand-picked grape varieties, the making of each Mysterium bottle is a well kept oenological secret so that the final product shall be a mystery in itself, ready to be tasted and discovered.”

Finally, for all of you QR code lovers – both of you – there’s more to explore when you scan the code on the back of the bottle.

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mysterium wine label


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