Two Sides Launches U.S. Website

Two Sides, the fast-growing nonprofit organization established to promote the responsible production, use and sustainability of print and paper, has launched its U.S. website.

“Print and paper have a great environmental story to tell, but that story often gets lost among misleading claims, misconceptions and one-sided communications,” says Two Sides President Phil Riebel. “On the Two Sides website, we present information from a wide range of authoritative sources – organizations like the World Resources Institute, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, the U.S. Forest Service and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development – to dispel the myths and help people better understand the true sustainability of print and paper.”

The website offers a “Myths and Facts” section; resources including reports, case studies and news on the sustainability of print and paper; a question and answer page where website visitors can submit relevant questions; and links to networking opportunities like the Two Sides blog and social network pages.

The site also provides information on how to join Two Sides and offers additional members-only benefits.


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