Mohawk Debuts Cards for Indigo

mohawk polyester cardEven a casual peek inside your wallet reveals just how prevalent membership cards are these days. This week at DSCOOPX, Mohawk will debut its Embedded Premium Polyester Cards that are both waterproof and tear proof, and designed to get optimum results on the HP Indigo digital presses. Whether you’re producing loyalty cards for your local retailer or identity cards for medical, educational and financial institutions, these cards give you another versatile option.

Here are the specs direct from the official press murmurings:

  • Pure polyester pop-out cards
  • Available in 7 mil and 10 mil calipers
  • Printable on both sides
  • 1-up/2 wide & 2-up/2-wide on 12 x 18
  • Carrier sheet: Mohawk Everyday Digital Uncoated Smooth with i-Tone 80 lb. Text and 100 lb. Text

mohawk polyester cardmohawk polyester card


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