Lego-Themed Résumé

lego_125We’re always on the lookout for clever résumé ideas, mostly because this economy encourages you to always be thinking about keeping your own up to date. Aspiring account management intern Leah (yeah, we’ve never seen those words together before either) came up with a real corker, though we’re not sure if its cute nature would work for or against her in the cut-throat world of advertising.

Leah’s chosen a Lego theme for her résumé package – to date she’s made only two, which she’s sending to her dream agencies. While they’re bound to get her noticed, we’re wondering if the creativity involved might confuse those who receive it as to what she’s actually applying for.


Whatever the outcome, we’re simply happy to know that there’s someone out there with Leah’s drive, resourcefulness and sense of fun. Considering how humdrum the advertising space has gotten lately, they could do worse than leapfrog her over internships and account management straight to a creative director role.




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