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Attention spans being what they are today, your business card should tell people what you do instantly, which dovetails nicely with this week’s theme: “This is me.” This time around, we get hit over the head with text (in a nice way), rediscover the beauty of National Geographic, and discover a simple but elegant identity for an artist. (Previous Cool Cards of the Week can be found here.)

Jack of all Trades Business Card

We’ve looked at this business card for a good two minutes now (what were we saying about attention spans?) and we’re left with the same conclusion: we should absolutely hate this one…but actually kind of love it. Sure, it reminds us of screaming tabloid headlines, which is part of the appeal to be sure. But it also tells us absolutely everything we need to know about this person, and demonstrates how well they do what they do at the same time. That it also happens to be a template you can download and customize should also turn us off, but it just makes us think that maybe we should give it a go, too.

lemon graphics business card


National Geographic Business Card

For many, National Geographic will always be stacks of musty-smelling magazines sadly mouldering in grandma’s basement. Justin Marimon’s re-imagining of the brand does what the magazine has always needed to do design-wise: break free of its iconic-yet-dull yellow borders. Though he retains that historic hue on the information side of this business card, he allows its stock in trade – gorgeous images of nature – to rule the obverse.

national geographic business card


Fine Artist’s Business Card

Kim Sandford’s business card for artist Allanah Shaw is understated, shows off the type of work she does, and furthers that hand-crafted feel with a rubber stamp of her signature. No need for a lot of verbiage here – it simply does what it needs to do nicely.

artist business card


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