Moleskine Rethinks the Notebook


After years of coasting on licensing deals with everything from Lego to Star Wars, Moleskine has finally put some new thought into its notebook lines themselves. The new Moleskine PRO Collection features five new tools for working with paper notes. This comes as a welcome addition to their other recent creation, which keeps all of your pens, cards and other tools within easy reach.

The new collection includes:

  • Professional Notebook: A host of bound and detachable pages dedicated to everything from Project Planning to To-Do lists, and a double-expandable back pocket
  • Workbook A4: Everything you need, all in one place, including numbered pages, an index, and detachable sheets and To-Do lists
  • Portfolio A4: A hard-cover accordion file with six pockets
  • Professional Pad: The Moleskine version of a legal pad with detachable pages
  • Envelope: One spot to keep all your loose papers in

However, the greatest Moleskine innovation of 2015 still has to be the Tool Belt. While it’s never going to win any prizes for beauty, it IS a great idea. Simply slip it over the front cover and use it to store pens, pencils, business cards, you name it.

moleskine tool belt



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