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gq resume design

Many of us have an almost Pavlovian response to unusual résumés, particularly when they actually secure the creator their dream job. What worked so well for them, after all, could open some of those doors for you and me that have, until now, remained stubbornly shut. After producing approximately 160 résumés for fellow students to help pay his way through college, aspiring 21-year-old Indian marketing professional Sumukh Mehta sat down to create one for himself. With an eye on getting a foot in the door at GQ, he crafted this 20-pager and had it couriered to the magazine’s offices in New York City, London and Mumbai.

gq resume design

It took him three weeks to pull everything together, from executing photo shoots to writing the copy and designing the whole piece.

gq resume design


The effort earned Mehta an internship offer at British GQ in London, no interview necessary; GQ India threw his custom magazine cover up on their Instagram feed.

gq resume design

While some pages are certainly better designed than others, the package as a whole proves just how potent one good idea can be if you’re willing to follow it through. Of course one obstacle remains for Mehta: getting himself to London.

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gq resume design


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