Hey Designers – Got Beer?

beertone Considering that anybody who spends a lot of time working with Pantone colors ends up trying to guess the PMS color of everyday objects anyway, it’s not surprising that the system has inspired spin-offs. One dear to our hearts is Beertone.

Developed by two advertising-agency designers in Switzerland, each card in this Pantone-style swatch of 200 Swiss beers displays that brew’s:

  • Name
  • Color
  • Beer bottle
  • Alcohol by volume
  • Brewery
  • Description.

beertone2And most importantly, you get the beer’s color information in CMYK, RGB, HTML and Standard Reference Method – the system brewers use to classify beer color. (PMS colors presumably were not included for the usual “please-don’t-sue-us” reasons.)

Currently taking pre-orders ($39-$59) for three different editions (the more you pay, the nicer the glass/mug they include), Beertone is the type of product that makes everyone nervous on legal grounds.

But we love Pantone, we love beer, and the color-classification business is a big enough tent to accommodate both in peace. (Translation – Pantone: No lawsuits. Beertone: No copyright infringement. Both sides: Have a beer.)


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