Wine/Spirit Cartons Hit the FiberMark

fibermark_spirits_pkgDespite a reasonable number of wine aficionados out there, most wine and spirit buyers wouldn’t know a claret from a clarinet. And those who do frequent the upscale shelves have one thing in common with their less fussy comrades: packaging is often what makes the sale.

This month, FiberMark unveiled a premium portfolio of folding carton products that can help designers give their wine and spirit packaging an elegant touch.

These dyed-through board materials:

  • Ensure color consistency from lot to lot
  • Are available in three calipers (12 pt, 18 pt and 26 pt)
  • Provide custom color duplex solutions
  • Come in a wide variety of embossed patterns
  • Are all FSC certified
  • Provide deep color saturation that does away with those maddening white edges in the finished product.


This new portfolio includes:

  • Grafton – Premium board with an uncoated vellum finish
  • Dorset – Premium board with a matte pigment-coated finish
  • Metal-X and Shimmer (K-Series) – Luxury board products with distinctive, decorative coatings.

For more on these, don’t miss the Sept. 25th’s PaperSpecs Newsletter, where you will find an exclusive look at these premium solutions. (Click here to begin your free subscription today if you’re not already a subscriber.)


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