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multifoil business card

Just thinking about all the different ways you can make a business card stand out makes us all giddy, from the use of unusual materials to colors, colors, colors. This week, we thank our lucky stars for an astrologer’s card, bask in the multi-foiled glow of a charming chameleon, and traipse off into the great outdoors with a laser-cut celebration of the active lifestyle. (Previous Cool Cards of the Week can be found here.)

Astrologer’s Business Card

Elegante Press did an excellent job of bringing this complex design to three-dimensional life, letterpress printed on 430 gsm white cotton paper. Sayeth the printers, “The registration made us a little worried at first, but it did stay true despite the tight fitting and zero trapping.” Design by

astrologer business card


Business Card Printer’s Business Card

It’s not often that you see the business card of a company that itself makes business cards. (The previous subhead and sentence should do wonders for our SEO.) Or maybe it’s just the ones you do see aren’t all that memorable. Specializing in silk coated, foil stamped cards, Vermillion Silk aimed high with this one that demonstrates just what can be achieved with CMYK foil, particularly when set against a matte black background. While the multi-foil chameleon is impressive, our eye keeps being drawn to the faint blue flora in background. An excellent example of “show, don’t tell.”

multifoil business card


Design Student’s Business Card Concept

There’s more to life than paper. (Blasphemy!) Particularly when it comes to business cards. For her class project, then-design student Staci Paul dreamt up Carabiner, a company that uses technology to bring people into the great outdoors. And naturally this made-up company needed a business card. Not one to avoid a challenge, Staci laser cut the logo into a piece of 1/8-inch birch plywood, and tastefully printed a slender tag with name and contact details that was then affixed to the wood. The result is a pretty impressive business card that walks the company’s talk, and would be virtually impossible to throw away.

carabiner business cardcarabiner business card


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