A Plane Catalog Ready for Takeoff

flying_book2When you’re trying to market an executive jet to the world’s richest high-flyers, simply popping another slick brochure into the letterbox is unlikely to do the trick.

Applying an albeit literal logic to the challenge, Brazilian agency Africa decided to introduce the latest Embraer luxury aircraft, the Lineage 1000, through the use of a catalog…that flies. Well hovers, anyway.


The three-dimensional top of the plane emerging from the cover would be enough for most people, but Africa went the extra mile. Constructing the book from lightweight papers, they wove a set of magnets into it. Another set was installed in a base upon which the book sits. When a power switch on the base is flipped, the catalog actually hovers a few inches above it. Now that’s a coffee table book…especially if your coffee table is in your new 19-seat luxury jet.


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