Put On an Absolute White Smile

The soft, dull finish of Scheufelen’s heaven 42 is sure to put an absolute white smile on your face … literally.

In the new promotional package for the brand, a clever presentation box opens to reveal a panel containing a mirrored surface with a built-in diecut mouth (yep, with lovely red lips). You place the box in front of you on a table or desk so that the lips on the mirror are directly in front of your own mouth.

Next, you select one of the heaven 42 paper swatches from the supplied lip-shaped fanbook, place that behind the diecut mouth, and voila! … a beautiful smile that gives you all kinds of creative ideas for this absolute white paper.

A guidebook is also included in the promo, which explains what types of projects are suited for heaven 42, notes for optimum handling of the paper, and 4-color images of actual printed pieces.

In the United States, FSC-certified heaven 42 is available in 78 lb., 100 lb. and 115 lb. Text and 92.5 lb., 111 lb., and 150 lb. Cover.

To be one of the lucky 50 PaperSpecs readers to receive the heaven 42 promotion, please email [email protected].


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