Weekly Quiz: Name this Fold!

Answer: Iron cross fold!

While at first glance this fold might seem straightforward, it takes some finesse to set up. That said, they are oh-so-worth it, providing numerous ways for you to guide the viewer through your invitation or marketing material. They also make a fabulous self-mailer, and even allow you to use them as carriers for additional materials.

Anatomy of an Iron Cross

An iron cross fold is a sheet of paper that starts as a cross shape. The classic version features 5 square panels, with 4 of those folding in toward the center one, leaving you with a neat, square finished piece.

And this is where your opportunity to guide the reader through your piece begins. The panels can open in any sequence you choose: If you want the first flap to open to the top or right or left, it’s completely up to you. Would you like the second one to fold out clockwise to the first, or in the opposite direction? Your choice!

Keep in mind that while the panels all seem to be the same size, they differ very slightly as each panel size has to be adjusted for the final piece to lay flat. To compensate for the various folds and to ensure that the piece lies perfectly flat after folding, the inner panels need to be slightly smaller than the cover and center one.

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