Weekly Quiz: Raising a Paper’s Surface to Enhance Certain Details is Called…?

Answer: Registered emboss!

Embossing is often referred to as the 3rd dimension in your design. Raising type or an image within that design injects texture by creating shadow and depth, adding allure to your brochures, letterheads and business cards.

Embossing techniques can be used with or without added color or foil.

If the raised area registers with a printed image, we refer to it as a registered or printed emboss. Depending on your requirements and specifications, the raised area can stay inside the printed image or go beyond it. With an image featuring birds, leaves and butterflies, for example, you could just emboss the bird to draw more attention to it.

For a great example of registered embossing, be sure to check out our exclusive video featuring the project above – Thinking Tree Spirits packaging – right here!


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