Weekly Quiz: Name This Embossing Style!

Answer: Multi-Level Embossing!

There are 3 levels of embossing available to you. In some cases, your design will dictate which kind of die you should use. In others, your budget will lead the way. The larger the embossed area and the more complex the design, the more costly the die.

In multi-level embossing the paper surface is raised to multiple levels to create a 3D effect. It is best used for multi-dimensional shapes (such as the window artwork above), landscapes, or images that have unique details such as leaves or feathers. (PRO members, explore your embossing options right here!)

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  1. Craig Robinson 2 years ago

    Not a very good job of embossing – cockle should be ironed out of paper
    additional spot build-up on raised areas.
    Also looks like the embossing die is not up to quality also on the raised roof.

    PS great paper to hold a crisp emboss!!

    Craig Robinson
    Founder Graphic Impressions – Seattle

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