Gather Journal is the PaperSpecs Gallery Take Note Award Winner


Kit Hinrichs Selects Gather Journal as PaperSpecs Gallery Take Note Award Winner for Quarter Four 2012

The creative director of this exciting new food journal cites three important factors in producing an award-winning magazine: getting your paper right, getting your printing right, and making it a tactile experience.

Palo Alto, California – February 13, 2013 – “Every detail of Gather Journal is shown in terrific form. The combination of different kinds of artwork is really interesting, and the food photography is just fabulous,” commented Kit Hinrichs, founder of Studio Hinrichs, during his review as guest judge for PaperSpecs Gallery’s quarterly competition sponsored by Erickson Stock.

Gather Journal, a recently launched bi-annual publication, is a recipe-driven food magazine devoted not just to cooking and eating, but to what those acts inspire: bringing people together. It seems particularly fitting then that a notable collaboration between designer and printer was formed during the magazine’s initial planning phases.

Michele Outland, the magazine’s creative director, and Frits Kouwenhoven, managing partner of Hemlock Printers (Walnut Creek, California), birthed the memorable aesthetic beauty and keepsake quality that singled this submission out for the PaperSpecs Take Note Award for Quarter Four 2012.

Among the elements central to Gather Journal’s beautiful design is paper selection. The Mohawk Via Linen Cover and Lynx Opaque Text (both uncoated stocks) translate the texture of the dining experience and evoke a personal journal feel to the project.

“The process of choosing the paper was such a wonderful experience. I had conversations with Frits trying to explain verbally what I was hoping, and him interpreting it and pulling sheets of paper and sending them out to me,” recalls Outland.

“To put those two papers together, I don’t know if, as a printer day in and day out, it would have come to me in this way. It came because of our collaboration  Michele and I  and her really pushing for excellence and feel,” agrees Kouwenhoven.

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About Our Judge: Kit Hinrichs
Kit Hinrichs founded Studio Hinrichs in October 2009, following 23 years as a partner of the international design firm, Pentagram. Prior to that, he was a partner in the design consultancy Jonson, Pedersen, Hinrichs & Shakery. Over the past few decades, Kit has been an influential force in graphic design. He has taught at the School of Visual Arts in New York, the California College of the Arts, and the Academy of Art in San Francisco. His work has been honored and widely published internationally, and several of his pieces are part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art and the Smithsonian Institution’s Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design. He is also the co-founder and design director of @Issue: Journal of Business and Design, which is now an online magablog at

About Our Winner: Gather Journal
Michele Outland and Fiorella Valdesolo started Gather Journal because of a shared love of food and cooking and a desire to create a magazine with staying power on your bookshelf. They wanted the journal to be one that readers could return to again and again for inspiration — for recipes, words, and images that would be the catalyst for a great meal and maybe a smile.

About Our Sponsor: Erickson Stock
Erickson Stock is a photo boutique featuring images that are 
anything but “stock.” Founded by veteran commercial photographer
Jim Erickson, Erickson Stock boasts more than 60,000 images 
and over 5,000 video clips. Learn more about Erickson Stock at their website:

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The Take Note Award winner is garnered from the top ten entries selected by popular vote of online visitors to the Gallery. Based on design, print quality and paper choice, a notable industry designer serving as guest judge then selects the winning piece.

PaperSpecs Gallery Take Note Award winners receive special recognition in the PaperSpecs e-newsletter as well as a video highlighting the winning piece. The video can be viewed at the PaperSpecs Gallery website at

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