Bookjigs Packaging


The designers had several interesting challenges with this project (giving the many product themes a cohesive look, imparting a recognizable and noticeable identity for a small-sized product, and constructing a house for the product to live in) – all of which they meet with marked ingenuity.

First, they engineered a package to fit an existing product. Entering mid-stream is never easy. I liked the rounded top that gives the minimal package the look of a more conventional bookmark and helps the buyer know immediately what a Bookjig is.

The grommet holding the folded construction together also allows the package to be hung if the store does not use the matching point-of-purchase display. The well-fitted packaging cleverly protects the ribbon element of the Bookjig and provides ample room for instructions on how to assemble and use the bookmark.

I was also lured to the product by the lovely illustrations on the front of the package. They are bright, colorful, fun, and correspond to the illustrations on the Bookjigs. Amazingly, the printing on the paper matches the printing on the Bookjigs’ metal elements.


Project Details

Title Bookjigs Packaging Client Franklin Mill Date January 2012 Design Creative Director: Randall Smith
Designers/Illustrators: Russ Gray, Bryan Wilson, Derek Boman

Production Details

Dimensions 2.5" x 6.5" Number of Colors CMYK Finishing and Binding Diecutting, perforation, rivets


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