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Haven’t you ever wanted to be a fly on the design studio wall? You know, inside the design studio during the making of gorgeous, complex print projects? Watching the action and interaction between designer and client, designer and printer, designer and their own creative impulse?

I know I have, particularly when I see a project that makes me ask, “How’d they do that?!”

That’s why we’ve created a new video series called “In the Design Studio.” The first episode is candid, revealing, exciting, and absolutely fun to watch.

To view Episode 1 of the new “In the Design Studio” video series, please go to


News – For Immediate Release

“In The Design Studio”, a new video series from PaperSpecs, reveals the trials and triumphs of designing print projects.

PaperSpecs launches the first in a series of videos that takes viewers inside the process (creative and production) of successful design projects as told by the designers and printers themselves.

Palo Alto, Calif. – Oct. 17, 2013 – “Since opening the PaperSpecs Gallery, we’ve received so many incredible examples of great design. But it seems that too often we’re presented with images of a finished product that leave us asking, ‘How did they do that?’” says Sabine Lenz, founder of PaperSpecs.

That intense curiosity about what goes on behind the scenes in the process of graphic design is the catalyst for a new series of videos from PaperSpecs called “In the Design Studio”.

The new series will be gleaned from “Motivational Monday” offerings, which feature short, specially selected designs curated from those on display in the PaperSpecs Gallery, but will delve much deeper.

Behind-the-scenes interviews with the designers and printers involved in these high-end printed pieces reveal the challenges encountered along the way, and the real-world solutions used to bring the projects to successful completion.

“’In the Design Studio’ videos are a fast-paced, 8-9 minutes in length,” explains Lenz. “This gives us the time to hear directly from the creatives themselves and to show more behind-the-scenes images of the work.”

‘In the Design Studio’: Episode 1
The first episode, a look at the creation of the colorful Peacock Parfumerie packaging, is a revealing interview with Rosslyn Kasman, owner of Rosslyn Kasman Design, and Heather Hitchcock, account executive at Calitho.

“Tears, yelling and hair-pulling can come with a project,” laughs Kasman. “If it’s not worth the pain, then it’s probably not worth doing.”

Kasman and Hitchcock are candid about their journey on this beautiful and complex project and share valuable insight into:

  • Revisiting the design drawing board (transcending first comp rejection)
  • Choosing paper (how they ended up with uncoated)
  • Creating a color story (from ribbon inspiration to ink drawdowns)
  • Printing with UV (sticking to budget and quality demands)
  • Maintaining a schedule (slowing down for gold foil on double-hit black)
  • Constructing packaging (tackling an unusually small size and shipping flat).

What people are saying about ‘In the Design Studio’
“I knew this kind of conversation would be fun, exciting, revealing and helpful,” says Lenz. “We’re thrilled with the reaction the first episode of ‘In the Design Studio’ has received.”

“Please, please, keep on doing what you are doing!! This video was so refreshing and honest. We strive to give students in our Graphic Communications program as many ‘real world’ examples of taking a job from concept to delivery, and all of the challenges that go with it, as we can. Your video is a perfect complement to our teachings, and I loved the emphasis on the decisions surrounding paper choice.” – Shannon

“It’s always interesting to hear about the progress of a project. I had already seen your profile on this exquisite Peacock packaging, but to hear the designer and the printer talk about their collaboration is inspiring.” – Judith

“Great Video! Very well done. Interesting. Looking forward to seeing more of them.” – Tamara

“Wonderful job, Sabine! Just before I clicked on this I thought, ‘Nine minutes, that’s too long,’ but the content was compelling and the videography and editing were terrific. It seemed much shorter! Well worth the time. Thanks for sharing this with us!” – Hal

To view Episode 1 of “In the Design Studio”, please visit

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