NEWS: Crucial Binding Cheat Sheet Now Available from PaperSpecs

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Crucial Binding Cheat Sheet Now Available from PaperSpecs

The at-a-glance 11 x 17 poster offers designers and project managers all the crucial information they need to begin selecting the right binding method for any print project.

Palo Alto, California – February 17, 2015 – “Efficiently selecting and properly planning the best binding method for a print project are as important as the design, the paper and the printing,” says Sabine Lenz, founder and CEO of PaperSpecs, the highly regarded online resource for paper information, inspiration and insights.

To help designers and project managers sort through the many binding options offered by printers and finishers, PaperSpecs has released a free quick-reference guide that is available for download beginning today!



The 11 x 17 poster can be printed and then hung on the wall for easy and immediate reference in the studio or office. The Binding Cheat Sheet contains crucial information that designers and print planners need when making their binding choices:

  • The 12 most-used binding methods
  • How many pages you can bind with each technique
  • Illustrations to show what each binding method looks like
  • Infographics for at-a-glance cost comparisons|
  • What you can expect to pay for one binding technique over another

“We’ve spent months researching and consulting with binding experts to produce this at-a-glance guide,” explains Lenz. “It’s designed to give designers new ideas, clear up confusing terminology, prevent costly miscommunication, and save precious time and money.”

Lenz believes it is imperative for creatives to use proper terminology, be able to quickly and easily identify different binding methods, and see how a particular binding technique might (or might not) fit the needs of a project and those ever-elusive budgets.

“We’re really excited to be able to provide this crucial resource to the design and print community,” says Lenz. “There are so many creative binding options available today and I feel that designers will find great value in the clarity of this helpful and concise overview.”

Download PaperSpecs’s complimentary Binding Cheat Sheet.

For those wanting even more insights and production savvy, PaperSpecs offers its PRO members access to additional in-depth binding information in the “Facts and Resources” section of the website’s exclusive member area. These in-depth articles offer insights about automated and manual binding methods and their many variations, including each technique’s strengths and limitations and inspirational real-world examples.

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