The Junglendar Calendar

The Junglendar 2017 calendar is a set of 12 sheets (printed on an HP Indigo 30000 press) – one for each month of the year – that, through tent folds and notch-alignments, come together to form stunning 3D animals. Best of all, each side of a given sheet has a different color or pattern so you can mix and match pieces to make your jungle creatures uniquely your own.

The various die cuts necessary to produce a majestic lion’s face, for example, are extraordinary enough, but what really makes these pieces come alive is the MGI Digital Technology embellishments – particularly foil and selective UV – that lend a further patterned pizzazz to an already eye-catching project.

The Junglendar Calendar - PaperSpecs

And just when you are ready to say “Fantastic, stop right there,” Heret Packaging extended their color gamut beyond CMYK to include OVG (orange, violet, green) and white. This, along with the ability to print just 250 sets of The Junglendar, is what digital printing is all about. Finally, the use of Invercote for this project was a smart choice as that paperboard is known the world over for its ability to fold without the slightest hint of cracking.

The Junglendar Calendar - PaperSpecs

Says Heret Packaging’s Yarden Ben-Dor, “Every new product development process teaches you something new. In this case, the calendar challenged us with the question of the necessity of physical objects in a world that is deep into digital options (iPhones, iPads, etc). How can we develop new paper products that reveal the benefits of paper that cannot be replaced with digital gadgets; paper products that are reachable and desirable?”

It may be a jungle out there in terms of various electronic distractions, but you’d be hard pressed to find a cooler, more visually compelling way to mark off the months of our lives.

The Junglendar Calendar - PaperSpecs




Project Details

Title The Junglendar 2017 Client Heret Packaging Date December 2016 Design Dganit Dahan Lior Lifshitz Print Heret Packaging, Yavne, Israel Paper Iggesund Invercote

Production Details

Dimensions 10.6 x 1.6 x 13.8” Page Count 12 Print Quantity 250 Production Time 2 weeks Printing Method Digital printing using an HP Indigo 30000 press Number of Colors 8 colors Finishing and Binding Double sided soft touch lamination; MGI digital embellishments (foil, spot UV); highcon laser cut

  1. Trish Magaleno 6 years ago

    What a beautiful blend of print and almost origami design. Nicely done!

    • Aaron Berman 6 years ago

      Isn’t it a blast 🙂

  2. Nik 6 years ago

    screamingly brilliant!

    • Aaron Berman 6 years ago

      Couldn’t put it better ourselves 🙂

  3. Gabriela 6 years ago

    A-m-a-z-i-n-g. Period. Israel rocks!

  4. samantha 6 years ago

    love it, I want a set?

    • Aaron Berman 6 years ago

      As do we all, Samantha 🙂

  5. Amitai 6 years ago

    Dganit Dahan is an amazing designer.

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