Tailored Twig Identity


Multiple printing processes and techniques are used in combination to create tactile distinction.

– Eric Kass, Designer

When your stock in trade is “tailored floral design” rather than simply “flowers,” it helps to have an identity system that instantly differentiates you from the floral section of the neighborhood grocery. It’s more vital still when you don’t have a retail space to call your own.

Tailored Twig Identity - PaperSpecs

Tailored Twig provides unique, hand-crafted floral creations on both coasts of Florida thanks to the efforts of owner Darin Bahl and the four-legged muse of the operation: Winthrop. The canine, known affectionately as “Sir Winthrop, Mr. W.” and, one suspects occasionally, “Boss,” quickly became, in designer Eric Kass’ hands, the focus of the Tailored Twig identity.

Under the company name Funnel, Eric went all out creating letterhead, note cards, labels, tags and more using a combination of offset lithography, letterpress and engraving provided by Faulkenberg Printing.

Tailored Twig Identity - PaperSpecs

The result is an identity that whimsically plays off the “tailored” name with every loving detail. From delicate swooshes and curls to the monogram “T” and that wild, wild cross-hatch pattern in gold on the backs of the cards and letterhead, you could easily think you were dealing with a purveyor of fine clothing on a London high street.

Asked to toot his own horn vis-a-vis the highlights of the Tailored Twig identity, Eric points out the “multiple printing processes and techniques used in combination to create tactile distinction.”

And it is sentences such as that one that remind us that sometimes you must restrain the process nerd within and simply feast your eyes on (and if you’re lucky, brush your fingertips over) a fine print project finely executed such as this.

Tailored Twig Identity - PaperSpecs


Project Details

Title Tailored Twig Client Tailored Twig Date May 2012 Design Funnel Eric Kass Print Faulkenberg Printing Franklin, IN Paper Neenah Crane’s Lettra Fluorescent White 32 lb. Writing & 110 lb. Cover; Neenah Crane's Label Fluorescent White 24 lb. Writing; U-line Stay-Flat Tab Lock Kraft

Production Details

Dimensions Letterhead: 8.5 x 11”; Business Card: 3.5 x 2.5”; Tag: 3.25 x 2”; Label: 2.6 x 4.8”; Note Card: 6 x 4.25”; Envelope: 9.75 x 12.25" Print Quantity 1,000 Production Time 3 weeks Printing Method Offset lithography, letterpress, engraving Number of Colors 2 colors; Envelope: One color (metallic) Finishing and Binding Die cut


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