Lisa Sanders Public Relations Spinning Promo

Lisa Sanders wanted a simple yet sophisticated self-promotion that would explain what public relations was and generate interest for her PR business. “The message needed to distinguish my firm from rivals while also providing insight into the type of solutions Lisa Sanders Public Relations provides,” she explains. She also wanted it to be compelling enough to keep the recipient from pitching it into the garbage after reading it.

Lisa Sanders Public Relations Spinning Promo - PaperSpecs

Many businesses provide public relations services. Some are well-known brands; most are not. Sanders has found that the majority of the latter tend to sell themselves using corporate-speak — words like “communications” and “messaging” — which she describes as “long on syllables but short on description and passion.” She wanted to take a different approach that combined sophistication with simplicity.

Red Peak Branding delivered by creating a tactile, 7-by-7-inch interactive information wheel that cuts through the noise of typical marketing materials. The deliberately limited color palette mirrors the colors of Lisa Sanders Public Relations’ brand identity and keeps the visual clean. Jumbled copy, presented in a unique layered structure, creates a clever yet not overwhelming mess of messaging that the recipient must unscramble by spinning the wheels to make the type align. The message that’s finally revealed — “A Tricky Story Well Spun” — smartly communicates what Lisa Sanders Public Relations offers, with a touch of fun.

Text alignment and registration proved to be the biggest challenges in creating the information wheel. Sanders enlisted the services of Almaden Press for offset printing, which included two spot colors with aqueous coating. The piece was then die cut and finished with a grommet. Choosing the right paper also was critical so the piece could turn freely. The team chose Finch Fine 130 lb. Cover for the base wheel; the top wheels were printed on Finch Fine 100 lb. Cover. The final result was an interactive, graphic message that set the promo — and Lisa Sanders Public Relations — apart from the pack.


Lisa Sanders Public Relations Spinning Promo - PaperSpecs


Project Details

Title Lisa Sanders Spinning Promotion Client Lisa Sanders Public Relations Date October 2013 Design Red Peak Branding Stewart Devlin, Joon Cho, Nate Dwyer, Steven Lipman Print Almaden Press Santa Clara, CA Paper Finch Fine 100, 130 lb. Cover

Production Details

Dimensions 7 x 7" Print Quantity 500 Production Time 4 weeks Printing Method Offset Number of Colors 2 colors + aqueous Finishing and Binding Diecut, grommet

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