Hidden Curiosities Gin Label

In the finest traditions of prohibition-era speakeasies and today’s oh-so-trendy watering holes, the labeling on Hidden Curiosities gin is classy and sober on the front, with a wild, wonderful party happening around back.

Hand-crafted with 20 different botanicals, this is an artisanal liquor that simply radiates class thanks to the gorgeous label designed by Fortnum & Fox. It features Hidden Curiosities’ logotype printed on an Avery Dennison label, complemented by classical white line art and copper foil accents. However, it’s when you turn this heavy glass bottle around that the real fun begins.

Hidden Curiosities Gin Label - PaperSpecs

Winking at you through the gin from the BACK of that same label is a purple, orange and black oasis of magical creatures and lush flora inspired by the woven textiles of Morris & Co. (While Fortnum & Fox designed the front, the back comes from a Cravat Club silk scarf designed by Christopher Bardo.) Tilting and turning the bottle causes the illustrations to shift and change hypnotically. ‘Did those butterflies just flap their wings,’ you wonder, ‘or have I been overenthusiastic with my sampling of the gin?’ No matter.

Hidden Curiosities Gin Label - PaperSpecs

And if you think this is cool, Royston Labels also printed the same label for a miniature 50 milliliter (about 1.7 oz.) bottle, too!

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Hidden Curiosities Gin Label - PaperSpecs



Project Details

Title Hidden Curiosities Gin Label Client Hidden Curiosities Design Fortnum & Fox and Christopher Bardo Print Royston Labels Hertfordshire, England Paper Avery Dennison Label Stock 100 gsm

Production Details

Printing Method UV Flexography Number of Colors CMYK + black Finishing and Binding Foil stamp


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