"Love Cells" Greeting Cards


This collection of 10 notecards puts a microscope on love so you can see affable particles of passion and desire up close … very close … so close in fact that a never-before-seen pattern will reveal itself – along with the creative genius of designer Stefan Bucher.

Created for MOO’s The Luxe Project, where designs are showcased for a limited time with 100 percent of net proceeds going to the designer’s charity of choice (in this case ShelterBox USA), Bucher uses dots and more dots.

For the front of the cards, he created five different brightly colored, beautiful cell-like patterns with hidden hearts. When you lay all 10 cards out together, it makes one large design.

The cards are printed with ardor on super-thick 32 pt. Mohawk Superfine with that signature seam of color running through the middle of the paper. Matching envelopes and a custom carrier make our hearts skip a beat.

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Project Details

Title "Love Cells" Greeting Cards Client MOO Cards Date February 2014 Design Stefan G. Bucher Print MOO Cards Paper Mohawk Superfine 32 pt.
Using MOO's unique Quadplex technology, has an optional seam of color which runs through the middle of the paper stock (choose from red, blue, black or white). They are twice as thick as MOO's Classic stock, and over 3x thicker than regular business cards.

Production Details

Dimensions 5.8" x 4.1" Page Count Set of 10 Print Quantity Print on demand Production Time A few days Printing Method Digital letterpress Number of Colors CMYK Finishing and Binding Shipped in custom box


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