Happy White Year


Twelve papers and 12 different print techniques display 2015 like a blank page offering a space on which to act, to write.

– Atipo


At the close of 2014, Spanish printer Minke commissioned design firm Atipo to create a promotional piece to send to 250 of its customers for the 2014 Christmas season. The brief was wide open, and Atipo quickly drew creative inspiration from an article that talked about the ability of the Inuit to recognize many nuances in the color white. That inspiration crystallized into a monthly calendar with 12 sheets dedicated to the concept of “white.”

But the client took the idea of featuring a dozen different white papers a step further, suggesting that they combine each of the 12 sheets with different printing techniques and finishes. Given that the client was the printer, Atipo accepted the challenge.

The team used one-color offset printing, letterpress and Inkjet UV throughout the calendar. The finishing and binding techniques included etching, hot stamping, 3D varnish, blind deboss, emboss and high build spot UV varnish.

The end result was not only an intriguing preview of the year to come, but also a clear demonstration that with a host of different papers from which to choose, just about anything is possible year-round.

The 12 sheets featured in the promotion included:

  • Antalis Olin Smooth Absolute White 300 gsm
  • Arjowiggins Conqueror Connoisseur 100% Cotton Soft White 300 gsm
  • Gmund 925 White Silver 300 gsm
  • Gmund Ever Aomori 300 gsm
  • Gmund Kaschmir Cloth White 400 gsm
  • Legion Paper Colorplan Vellum White 350 gsm
  • Legion Paper Rives Tweed Natural White 350 gsm
  • Mohawk Arjowiggins Curious Matter Goya White 380 gsm
  • Mohawk Arjowiggins Curious Cosmic Mercury Pearl 360 gsm
  • Mohawk Arjowiggins Curious Translucent Clear 240 gsm
  • Neenah Paper Crane’s Crest Pearl White 365 gsm
  • Scheufelen Heaven 42 400 gsm

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Project Details

Title Happy White Year Client Minke Date December 2014 Design Atipo Print Minke Madrid, Spain Paper Listed above

Production Details

Dimensions Case: 15.5 x 21.7 x 3 cm
sheets: 15 x 21 cm
Page Count 14 Print Quantity 250 Production Time 28 days Printing Method Offset, letterpress, inkjet UVI Number of Colors One color Finishing and Binding Etching, hot stamping, 3D varnish, blind deboss, emboss, high build spot UV varnish

  1. Genevieve 8 years ago

    This is great. It there any way we can get our hands on one?

    • Aaron Berman 8 years ago

      Hi Genevieve – We’d suggest contacting the printer who commissioned the project directly at [email protected] . Hope that helps 🙂

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