A Guide to INFORMation Design


The cut letters of the word ‘INFORM’ enable the story to develop around it.

– Florence Meunier, Designer


Concept, printing and handwork align to create a thought-provoking self-promotion piece by designer Florence Meunier. This small booklet, “A Guide to INFORMation Design,” was produced on Daler Rowney smooth heavyweight drawing paper. It combines the hand-cut word ‘INFORM’ with carefully crafted, strategically positioned laser-printed copy on each page to deliver a continuous message about the information design process: “First, be INFORM-ed; Once you are, try to INFORM; Then choose the appropriate FORM…” You get the idea.

“The project would have been impossible in another medium,” admits Meunier. The stab binding was a particularly good choice, highlighting as it does the handmade nature of the whole work. “This type of binding was [also] very important as it would determine alignments of the cut sheets together.”

“A Guide to INFORMation Design” is engaging, cautionary and enlightening in a striking package – all hallmarks of Meunier’s design.

Project Details

Title A Guide to INFORMation Design Client Self promotion Date May 2014 Design Florence Meunier Print MFP printer Paper Daler Rowney Smooth Heavy Weight Drawing Paper

Production Details

Dimensions 15 x 9 cm Page Count 8 Print Quantity One Production Time One hour Printing Method Laser Number of Colors One color Finishing and Binding Stab binding


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