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dragon business card

Your business card isn’t just something that makes stalking you easier, it’s an extension of your personality, as well as that of your company. (And if your company hasn’t a personality, you have larger problems than business card design.) This week we go in search of business cards with a little something extra, including those that feature an embossed map on the back, a travel writer who isn’t afraid of a little bling, and very possibly the most intricate card we’ve ever seen. (Previous Cool Cards of the Week can be found right here.)

Embossed Business Card

San Francisco design and advertising agency Hub Strategy & Communication hit upon a great idea for business cards – invest in blank cards with an attention-grabbing map of The Presidio on the back and rubber stamp employees’ names and complete details on the other side. While this could’ve easily devolved into flat-out tacky, the rubber stamp aspect actually ends up suggesting “hand crafted,” and that emboss is a great way to engage people’s fingertips (provided the contact details haven’t rubbed off on them first).

embossed business cardembossed business card


11-Color Letterpress Dragon

All right, this probably isn’t even a business card, but this stunning piece, designed by Maverick-Infanta, comes to us from those masters of the business card, Jukebox, printed for the upcoming -ING Creatives Festival in Dubai. Go on, feast your eyes on 11 – count ’em, 11! – colors, some rendered in spaces smaller than a match head. This isn’t a card you’d ever put aside – it would live in your pocket and, given a name, might even emerge now and then to eat those who vex you.

dragon business card


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