Graphic Design and Designing Green Poster 2015


The design was directly inspired by the topic of biomimicry or “design inspired by nature.

Just as nature can surprise us, Courtney Windham Design incorporated some delightfully unexpected elements into the “Graphic Design and Designing Green Poster 2015.”

In the process of designing the poster, she handmade two collages with re-purposed materials (old magazines, books, calendars, and print-outs left in recycling bins). The designs of the collages are directly inspired by a leaf pattern and the seed pattern in a sunflower.

The poster was then printed front and back with two distinct but unifying images. This allowed the design to meet its primary goals: communicating information about the featured events and visually representing both graphic design and industrial design in one poster. The concept is also perfect for displaying on the glass windows and doors of design studios.

Mohawk Loop Smooth brought out the fresh, bright color palette. And just as she did for the 2014 poster design, there’s an open, uncluttered aesthetic that is very appealing.


Project Details

Title Graphic Design and Designing Green Poster 2015 Client Auburn University School of Industrial + Graphic Design Date January 2015 Design Courtney Windham Design Print Craftmasters Printers Auburn, AL Paper Mohawk Loop Smooth 80 PCW White

Production Details

Dimensions 11 x 19" Print Quantity 50 Production Time One week Printing Method Digital Number of Colors CMYK Finishing and Binding Trimmed


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