Eco-friendly Sticky Notes

slicky_125It’s a little litany that plays through our mind every time we deploy a sticky note; “Every time you use a sticky note, the planet cries a little.” Sure we can recycle the little buggers (at least we THINK they’re being recycled – good heavens, have we been doing this wrong?!), but the glue on the back is doing no one any favors.

So along come Slickynotes, sheets that cling to any smooth, dry surface by using electrostatic charges to hold them in place. They range in size from roughly 2″ x 1.5″ to letter size, and are completely recyclable. Costs are pretty reasonable, too, starting at about $2 for 100 sheets of the smallest variety.

Another interesting little feature: one side of the note is colored and can be used to write permanent notes; the other side is white and can be used like a mini dry-erase board.




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