Do You Think Your Friend Likes Us?

facebook_like_120pxI know, that question takes you right back to high school. (“Oh for corn’s sakes, go ask him/her yourself,” you probably said…if you grew up on a ’50s sitcom.)

The reason we ask is this: We’ve been looking at the “993 likes” button on our Facebook page all morning, wondering if we could get that to 1,000 this week.

It would certainly make Sabine’s day…and we could probably sneak something special out of her paper vault for one randomly selected person who recommends the site to a friend who then “likes” us. (Please email us when one of your friends “likes” us this week so we can keep track.)

Anyway, thanks for asking your friend if they like us. You’re certainly a super person too, but ever since we saw your friend in homeroom….


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