Sex and the City Shoe Chart

shoe_125We know our love is unrequited, but hang it all we must declare it from the rooftops: We love Pop Chart Lab. We love them because they actually offer prints of the types of infographics that other people only post online. Recently we’ve featured their Magnificent Multitude of Beer and Bountiful Breweries of the United States of America charts. And today?

Today we must give it up for The Many Shoes of Carrie Bradshaw’s Closet print, being an 18-by-24-inch guide to the shoe porn to be found in various episodes of Sex and the City.


The first thing to be said is that this one’s pretty reasonably priced at $28, compared with the $90+ beer prints. (Then again, booze hounds are notoriously easy to fleece.)

The Sex and the City metallic gold print is made using an offset lithographic press on 100 lb. archival, FSC-certified recycled paper. Of course if you’ve read this far, you’re probably more interested in the shoes. And there are quite a few represented here, 50 in all.

Organized by designer, you get colorful renditions of Jimmy Choos, Yves St Laurent, and of course Manolo Blahnik’s offerings, too. The sketchy renderings of the boxes that some of these come in is a nice additional touch.

Now because we’ll never ever get a chance to post this again, we can’t resist treating you to one of the best 10 minutes of radio: BBC film critic Mark Kermode’s celebrated rant about Sex and the City 2.




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