Secret Society Wedding Invites

Secret Society wedding invitationsSome of the most imaginative paper design done today is for passion projects, and honestly what is more of a passion project than a wedding? Blake and Irene over at Sparkvites came up with a brilliant assortment of invitations, envelopes, maps and custom wax seal with a secret society theme. “The invitation is letterpress printed, and accompanying cards are digital along with the custom envelope liner. We also did the custom addressing on this invitation suite,” the couple is quoted as saying on OhSoBeautifulPaper.

Throughout this suite you will find iconography tied to various secret societies, from the eye-in-the-pyramid found in various conspiracy theories (and worryingly present on the back of our dollar bill) to a reworked freemason square-and-compass, with the G replaced by “A & A.” Those initials stand for the happy couple: Adam Weishaupt and Afra Sausenhofer, who will be wed at the Boston Public Library on Oct. 17th, 2015. Or not.

Secret Society wedding invitations

Those who know their conspiracy lore will recognize that first name at least – the founder of one of the most famous secret societies: the Illuminati. (Weishaupt gained some slight fame in the ’70s in Robert Anton Wilson’s satirical “Illuminatus! Trilogy” in which he’s said to have killed George Washington and taken his place as the first president of the U.S. Read those history books, kids.)

Secret Society wedding invitations

“Hey, I’m sorry but you already know too much…” Blake tells PaperSpecs, briefly sending a ripple of paranoia through PaperSpecs Towers. “OK, just kidding…I have personally been fascinated with the entire spectrum of ‘secret’ societies. We’ve been working within wedding stationery and greeting cards etc. for a few years now and we’re always trying to create unique wedding sets and other stationery to build interest, and this just happens to be one of those fictional projects that we started.

“I did a little research prior to starting the set and, from what I gathered, Adam was tied into the Illuminati and he eventually married Afra. I thought the Boston Public Library was a perfect setting for a Secret Society wedding.”

All in good fun, hee hee. We’re not paranoid at all. (What’s that crackling sound on the phone line?! Whew, just the NSA. You had us worried there, Blake and Irene.)

Secret Society wedding invitationsSecret Society wedding invitationsSecret Society wedding invitationsSecret Society wedding invitations


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