Wisdom from History’s Design Masters

tips_060513cBy Sara Bader

There is a great power in a few well-chosen words, especially when applied to a world as complex as that of design. With her website Quotenik.com, Sara Bader has kept track of some of the best quotes ever uttered on the subject. And in her new book collection “The Designer Says”, she distills some of the most poignant sayings from more than 100 of history’s greatest designers.

Milton Glaser and Chip Kidd rub shoulders here with the likes of Ellen Lupton, the ubiquitous Michael Bierut, and Saul Bass. Among those subjects tackled: the upside of failure, the downside of imitation, the love of typography, and making those difficult clients pay. PaperSpecs hopes that you find some cheer and wisdom in the excerpts below.






designersays1Sara Bader is a New York City–based writer, archival researcher and editor.

She maintains the online archive Quotenik.com, a growing library of verified quotes.



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