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We’ve all done it. Determined to help break your client out of their “we’ve always done it that way” rut, you’ve promised to blow their minds with a design technique you yourself know nothing about. In this case it’s eschewing the tired old perfect binding/saddle stitch approach for their latest publication in favor of something much more fun and exotic: hand sewn! But suddenly you realize you have no idea what your options are nor, more importantly, what you need to know in order to design for this untried binding method.

For PaperSpecs PRO members, the answer is always just a couple of clicks away with our in-depth PRO Guide to Binding Techniques. Not only will you discover basics like sheet minimums and maximums, thicknesses and relative pricing, but also the advantages and disadvantages to each option, how they work, and how it all comes together.

They’re all here, from the aforementioned hand sewn, lay flat and case bound to loop stitching, screw binding and more! If you have a computer, tablet or smartphone, you have instant answers to your binding questions, guaranteed!

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