Mail Paper Postcards via Smartphone

We couldn’t agree more with a recent article from MSNBC contributor Harriet Baskas who writes, “No matter how high-tech you are, there’s still something special and sweetly old-fashioned about getting a “Wish you were here!” paper postcard from a friend or family member who took the time to buy a stamp, scrawl a message and locate both your street address and a mailbox.”

Baskas talks about three companies that enable you to send those postcards straight from a smartphone. Using your own digital photos and these special apps, Cartolina Postale, Postagram and Postcard on the Run have made the process not only easy, but creative and fun too. (There are even scented options and postcards with pop-out pictures.)

We also found another one called Hazel Mail that you might want to check out as well.

Let us know if you’ve tried any and how it worked for you; or if you have any apps that you’d like to recommend, pass them on!


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