Best Photographer Cards Ever

card_125With a single stylish concept, Lovely Stationery not only gave Montgomery, Texas photographer Michael Barley a handy business card to hand out to potential clients, it helped to remind everyone who sees (and touches) it just how special photos can be once they’re pried loose from the digital realm.

Here’s the Card Observer writeup, but really even a glimpse at this concept tells you everything you need to know:

“The cards slide into a pocket which has an elegant die cut frame as part of the design. This shows off any one of a number of beautiful works by the photographer and several cards can be slotted into the pocket to create the mini portfolio. When the card slides out of the pocket the title of the work is revealed. The photographer’s details are printed on the back of the pocket. A stunning and interactive design which still remains standard sized so that the cards can be easily kept in a wallet.”





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