New: Digital Gold and Silver Printing!

gold-newsDigital printing just got more innovative with the recent launch of a new Xerox press that can not only print in gold, but silver as well. This considerably ups the ante for digital printing, giving you the ability to use true metallic inks containing glittery bits that shimmer and shine.

This means that these new options also carry Pantone designations – 871C for gold and 877C for silver – making it that much easier for designers to visualize and create with the right hues in mind. Finally, the inks are also very opaque, which helps achieve a high reflectancy with only one pass.

And of course there are ample applications in which a dab of gold or silver could add that special touch, be it full-on type or graphics, or used as a touch plate to enhance a certain aspect of an image.

PRO members, are you eager to discover everything you need to know to take advantage of this new innovation? You can do so right here!  (Not a member? Why not begin your PRO membership today?)


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