A Patent for “Moving Steps” Brochure

Sandy Alexander has received a provisional patent from the U.S. Patent Office for its “Moving Steps” direct mail brochure.

The inline customizable format provides a waterfall effect on the side of the piece, allowing clients to highlight a variety of topics and the consumer to quickly access different subjects.

The steps piece, which was conceived by Sandy Alexander’s team of paper engineers, is one of many unique direct mail pieces developed by the company. Other items include: two- and three-tier pop-ups, sticker ad inserts, fragrance strips, and much more.

Sandy Alexander also printed the first-ever mix-and-match for Esquire Magazine, the “best game ad ever” for the launch of Ubisoft’s Assassin Creed 2 video game, and a Gap ad insert that resulted in one of the highest levels of recall ever achieved in a print advertising campaign.


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