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brox business card

This week we’re getting busy with business cards that throw everything but the kitchen sink at you, and are, in short, busy. We get intimidated by a math tutor, discover a graphic designer who’s a little sketchy, and grab hold of a business card that speaks to our hearts…and vice versa. (Previous Cool Cards of the Week can be found here…if your heart can take it.)

Math Tutor’s Business Card

This feels like a piece of design of which we should strongly disapprove, but really how can you do anything but love it? You get what this person does instantly and it’s a little work of art you could easily stare at for an hour. (Granted this might simply be the reaction of people who couldn’t find “x” with a GPS…) Courtesy of the usual suspects at Jukebox Print.

math tutor business cardmath tutor business card


Graphic Designer’s Business Card

Just as a lie repeated often enough can develop the ring of truth to it, so apparently something rough can begin to look slick when plastered absolutely everywhere. Consider the business cards (and identity system as a whole) of Norwegian graphic designer Daniel Brox Nordmo, who transferred some sketches from his old sketchbooks to the back of his cards, stationery, and more. The result is something that feels fresh, daring and alive.

brox business cardbrox business card


Medical Technology Company Business Card

This one’s a showstopper and could very well give you fair warning that your own lifelong show is heading for a stop. Developed by MobilECG, this electrocardiograph business card is used to promote their medical technology. Considering the nation’s current health insurance quagmire, this little piece of wizardry might well count as care given a few years from now. As DigitalTrends explains, so long “as you’re touching both of the business card’s scanner pads, the screen will show a basic but accurate ECG readout.” Basic but accurate…sounds about right.

mobile ecg business card 2


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