Beertone 2: Brazilian Beer!

beertone_125Never in the history of PaperSpecs (and we’re going on 11 years now…good grief!) has any paper creation received quite so much love from readers as the Pantone-like swatch deck of beer: Beertone. And starting today, that uber-popular deck gets a new edition…for Brazilian beer.

A comprehensive guide to 202 Swiss beers, the original piece has been featured in the PaperSpecs Gallery and, most recently, in our PRO member Golden Ticket Giveaway for this month. (Hurry gang – get your entries in before March 31st for your chance to win! Not a PRO member? Sign up for your PRO membership, then click the link above to enter to win. That’s just between us, OK?)

The new Brazilian edition also features 202 beers…and that’s about all we can tell you, as our Portuguese is really not what it should be. We wish Alexander Michelbach and Daniel Eugster at Beertone all the best with this new endeavor, and can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with.

Bottoms up!







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