A World Between Two (Furry) Covers

azadi1Many dream of hitting the road with nothing but a satchel and a guidebook. But what if you had instead a rare, personal volume handcrafted from the experiences of those who live in any country you’re bound to find yourself in?

“For You the Traveller” looks like a guidebook from the past. Hand-bound in rabbit fur (sorry animal lovers) using Tasmanian oak and steel bolts, the volume gives each country a two-page spread, handwritten by someone who lives there. Included are hand-drawn maps, letterpressed bits of wisdom picked up during their lifetime, and even their phone number should you want to hear more about their country or their story. Farmers, builders, metalworkers – all lend their experiences to these pages.

Created by New Zealand artist/photographer Nabil Sabio Azadi, the book features black and white drawings etched onto recycled paper using ink, tar, coal and even dirt, according to a recent Wired piece. Limited for obvious reasons to 200 editions, a copy will set you back about $366.





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