NEENAH Cotton Reinvigorates the 100% Cotton Paper Market

That unmistakable texture, with its rich and luxurious touch, is right at your fingertips with the just released NEENAH Cotton Papers. This paper’s beautiful aesthetic and soft feel of fabric is something you’ll have to see and touch to truly appreciate. (Look for your chance to win an ultra-touchable swatchbook below!)

Neenah has been expertly crafting the finest, pure cotton papers since the late 1870s, and is now reinvigorating the cotton paper market with this new line. NEENAH Cotton Papers include:

  • 4 shades of white
  • 3 on-trend colors

Whether it’s a new identity system, high-end invitations or announcements, or even luxury packaging, the quality and strength of these high-touch papers will help bring your visions to life, with added tactility and elegance.

These 100% cotton papers offer an organic, handmade aesthetic, while also providing the surface quality and strength for high-touch production techniques such as letterpress, engraving, foil stamping, as well as offset and digital printing.

The strong, thick surface of this paper beautifully handles this gold foil over a registered emboss.

The soft, subtle color of this new Blush paper is the perfect canvas for this watercolor like, digitally printed design.

The engraving above demonstrates the long-standing relationship between this time-honored production technique and 100% cotton papers. The combination has long epitomized the essence of high-end, high-profile brands.

This combination of 2-color letterpress plus a blind emboss can give any brand a premium artisan aesthetic.

NEENAH Cotton Papers are available in the following finishes:

  • Smooth
  • Wove
  • Letterpress
  • Letterpress Digital.

These 100% cotton papers, made from cotton linters — a byproduct of the cotton industry recognized by the EPA as recovered fiber — are manufactured to be both environmentally responsible and to possess superior printability.

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NEENAH is a registered trademark of Neenah Inc.


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